February 10, 2011#

Panic Coda

While working at Smithville, their developers turn me on to a wonderful Mac web editor I think every front-end developer should use. It’s called Coda, developed byPanic. It’s smooth, one-window approach is incredible–it’s a text editor and file transferer, packed with terminal, live preview, and a full-featured (up-to-date!) css-editor. But, that’s just the start. It has the power of Transmit, built in the space of a sidebar. Also, it has the best web preview I’ve ever seen thanks to Apple’s WebKit.

Most importantly, is it’s seemless integration with its “Sites” feature — both remotely and locally. You can make an edit to a file, and it will save both the remote file and local file–so you always have an up-date backup of your websites.

The only draw back? It’s a Mac-only program. Check it out for free!