April 8, 2011#

CSS Compression Tool

Yahoo! has an Exceptional Performance team, and they claim that “40% to 60% of their users have an empty cache experience and about 20% of all page views are done with an empty cache.” The highlights the importance initial load speeds, and all web developers should strive to keep pages as lightweight as possible. Sans images, one major factor is a page’s stylesheet, or CSS. Minifying is a great technique to “preserve the operational qualities of the code while reducing its overall byte footprint.”

The YUI compressor is by far the best CSS and Javascript compressor. Built on Java, the YUI compressor is a simple command-line tool that makes minifying easy and safe–and, it will yield a higher compression ratio than most other tools.

At Boost, we put minifying all of our css and javascript as a high priority before launching a new project or an update, to make sure our clients’ customers can receive the fastest initial load speeds. Afterall, fast load speeds means better conversion rates and higher Google page rankings